Morning prayer to Mukunda

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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Mukunda means he who gives immortal bliss. One of the greatest savants of Vaishnavism Prince Kula Shekara Azhwar, prayed to Lord Vishnu in this form.

Sri Vallabhethi Varadhethi Dhaya Parethi,
Bhakthi priyethi Bhavaluntana kovidhethi,
Nathedhi, Naga sayanethi, Jagannivasa,
Thyalapinam prathi dinam kuru maam mukunda 

Oh my lord who can only give delivarance,
Please make me capable of chanting every day,
Thy names such as,
Lord of all beings, He who can give all boons,
He who is the store house of mercy,
He who loves all his devotees,
He who can kill all problems of this world,
He who is Lord of every thing,
He who sleeps on the serpent,
And He who lives every where in this universe

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