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Colonial Discourse and the Suffering of Indian American Children is now published after academic peer-review and available through open access.

In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences that Indian American children face after they are exposed to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We show that there is an intimate connection―an almost exact correspondence―between James Mill’s ( a prominent politician in Britain and head of the British East India Company) colonial-racist discourse and the current school-textbook discourse. Consequently, this archaic and racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces in the Indian American children the same psychological impact as racism is known to produce: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon similar to racelessness where the children dissociate from the tradition and culture of their ancestors

This book is an outcome of 4 years of rigorous research as a part of our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within Academia.

Slokas for solving various problems

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Sloka prayers for solving various problems

Compiled by
Sri Vathsa Somadeva Sharma

Translated by

These slokas and the method of chanting them have been taken from a book “Stotra Chinthamani” Compiled by Sri Vathsa Somadeva SArma and published in Tamil by Surabhi Jagatguru SAthabdhi publications , Madras

1.For getting rid of diseases
(Prayer is addressed to Balambika oif Vaitheeswaran koil0

Bakambikesa Vaidhyesa , bhava roga haredusa,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam Maha roga nivaranam,

Lord of Balambika, God of doctors, Hara the god who removes disease of birth and death,
He who reads these three names daily, would get rid of great diseases.

2.For getting rid of diseases
(chant this 108 times and apply sacred ash.Disease would go away .If it is serious repeat for 40 days,)

Achyutha, Anantha , Govinda nama ucharana Beshajath
Nasyanthi sakalaa rogaa , sathyam sathyam Vadamyaham

Achyutha, Anantha , Govinda , after reciting these names,
All diseases would be destroyed, I am telling the truth, the truth.

3.For getting rid of misery
(To be read eight times)

Duswapna , dusshakuna , durgathi, dhourmanasya,
Durbiksha , duevyasana dussasha duryasamsi,
Uthpatha thapa , visha bheethim asathkara karthim,
Vyadheemscha nasayathu may jagathaam adheesa.

Oh owner and lord of this universe , please destroy ,
Bad dreams, bad omens , bad fate , a sick mind ,
Famine . sorrow , unbearable pain, bad name ,
The growing sorrow, fear of poison and misery created by planets.

4.To get rid of bad dreams

To get the effect of reading Shiva SAhasranama
(To be read three times)

Shivo, Maheswaraschaiva , Rudhro , Vishnu , pithamaha ,
SAmsara Vaidhya , Sarvesa , Paramathma SAdashiva.

Shive, Maheswara, Rudra, Vishnu , Brahm,
The doctor of domestic life, The god of all , the divine soul and the Sadashiva.

5.To get desires fulfilled
(this has to be chanted 108 times after bath for 40 days.)

Yekam Brahmaiva, advitheeyam samastham,
SAthyam sathyam neha naanaasthi kinchith,
Yeko Rudra na advitheeyathasthe ,
Thasmath yekam thwaam prapadhye mahesam.

Brahma is only one and he does not have two,
This is the truth, the truth and all other things are lie,
Rudra is only one and he does not have any two,
And so Oh great God I salute you who is only one

6.To avoid bad dreams
(Chant 3 times before retiring to bed)

Achyutham, Kesavam , Vishnum , Harim , SAthyam , Janardhanam,
Hamsam Narayanam Krishnam japeth Duswapna SAnthaye.

He who chants “Achyutha , Kesava , Vishnu , Hari , Sathya and Janardhana,
Hamsa , Narayana and Krishna , would make his bad dreams peaceful.

7.To get rid of sins
(chant it three times as soon as you get up. Sins done in the previous day will vanish.)

Vishnum, NarayanAM , Krishnam, Madhavam, Madhusudanam,
‘Harim naraharim vandhe Govindham , dadhi Vamanam.

I salute Vishnu , Narayana , Krishna , Madhava , Madhusudana,
Hari , Narasimha , Govinda and Vamana

8.To get rid of incurable diseases
(chant this 1008 times in the morning for 40 days)

Om Nama paramarthaya purushaya Mahathmane ,
Aroopa bahu roopaya , vyapine paramathmane .

Om I salute the Purusha who is the truth and a Great one ,
Who is without form , who has several forms , Who is the divine soul who is spread everywhere.

9.To get result equal to performing a Yaga

Namaskara Smrutho Yagna , sarva Yagna , uthamam, Uthama ,
Namami sathatham Samedhava Praseedathu.

Salutations to smruthi , Yagna(fire sacrifice), All yagnas are great , and great ,
I always salute Devas and let the Good fire sacrifices be pleased with me.

10.To get effect of Performing Oupasana
(This has to be chanted at dawn, non and dusk)

Chathurbischa Chathrbischa thwabhyaam panchaprevasha,
Hooyadesa punar dwaabhyaam sano Vishnu praseedathu.

Using four things, four things , you enter the fifth stage ,
In the case of fire sacrifice and Lord Vishnu would be pleased with you.

11.To remove the sins of not doing rituals properly.
(Chanting this thrice in the morning and in evening ,
Removes sin of not doing Sandhya as well as doing it late.)

Paaramparam Vishnu Apara para para prebhya Parmathma roopi,
Sa Brahmapara para paara Bhootha para paraanaam Abhipara Bhootha.

Vishnu who has the form of divine God makes us cross from one shore to another,
As he is shore to the sea of sorrow as well as sea of the cycle of birth and death.

12.Prayer to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Namasthe sthanum anagam namaye vanamalinam,
Namasye halalam gale eesaanam , Namasyeaham Sriya pathim

I salute the ever permanent one , I salute him who wears the forest garland,
I salute he who has halahala poison in the neck , I salute consort of Lakshmi.

13.To prevent messengers from God of death from troubling us
(The messangers of Yama will not trouble us if we chant this prayer)

Vishno , Nrusimha , Madhusoodana , Chakrapane,
Gowripathe , Gireesa, Sankara , Chandra chooda,
Narayana , Asura nibarhana , Sarangapane ,
THyajyaa badaya ithi santhatham AAmanandi

I always pray that the messengers of Yama should be kept away,
Oh Vishnu, Oh Man lion , Oh killer of Madhu . Oh holder of Chakra ,
Oh consort of Parvathi , Oh God of the mountain , Oh Sankara, Oh God who wears the moon,
Oh Narayana, Oh killer of Asuras , Oh holder of SAranga.

14.Trimurthi Sthuthi
(Prayer to the trinity . Chanting it three times,
Destroys sin committed by mind, words and body)

Srujathi Vidhi samaakhya Rajasena Aathmana asou,
Vahathi Hari samakhya Sathwa nishta prapancham,
Harathi hara samakhya thamasim yethya vruthim,
Madhu Madana Mahimnaam asthi Vethaa nakopi.

As Brahma he creates the world and has Rajasic qualities,
As Vishnu he takes care of its upkeep and has Sathwa qualities,
As Shiva , he destroys the world and has thamasic qualities,
And who can really know the greatness of killer of Madhu?

For increase in knowledge , to pass in examination
(this has to be chanted eight times in the morning

15.Bhashyathi sarva sashtraani , yechanye niyamaa thadhaa ,
Aksharanicha sarvaani thwanthu devu namosthuthe.

I salute her who is the goddess of interpretation of all Sastras ,
As well as other works laying down rules as well as all alphabets.

16.To attract one individual
(Chant 108 times, writing every time the name of person,
Who has to be attracted on saffron on turmeric powder and wear that powder.)

Trilokya mohanaakare , trilokya pari poojithe ,
Trilokyam they vase, devi trilokyammay vasam kuru).

Oh Goddess who has a form that attracts all the three worlds,
Oh Goddess who is worshipped by all the three worlds,
Oh Goddess who has all the three worlds in her control,
Please put all the three worlds under my control.

17.To destroy sin committed by the mind
(This has to be chanted eight times at dawn and dusk)

Vibhatheeya Shivasane , Shivena saakam avyaya,
Hiranmaye Athinirmale Namami thaam Himathrijaam.

I salute her who sits with Lord Shiva on the shining seat of Shiva ,
The golden goddess , who is extremely pure and who is daughter of Himalayas.

18.To get cured of poxes
(To be chanted 108 times for three days , for the sick man by another one,
Standing in water )

Vandeham Seethalaam devim rasabasthaam , digambaraam,
Marjanee kalasopetham visphota kavi nasinim.

I salute the Goddess Sitala(cold one) sitting on a donkey , wearing the sky as cloth ,
Who holds in her hand a broomstick and a pot , who would cure all poxes.

19.To increase memory and avoid loss of memory
(To be chanted 108 times daily)

Yaa devi sarva bhootheshu Smruthi roopena samshthithaa,
Namasthasyai , namasthasyai, namasthasyai namo nama.

I salute her, salute her and salute her , who exists,
In all beings in the form of memory.

20.To get cured of Cholera
(Take water in a copper pot and chant this 108 times,
And make the patient drink the water.,If you daily chant this ,
You would not get attacked by Cholera.)

Namo Bhagwathi thwam may Vishnu SAkthi haraa shubham,
Uthsadaya naya kshipram dhoore kuru vishoochikaam,

Salutations the Goddess who is the power of Lord Vishnu ,
Please destroy and quickly throw for a long distance the attack of Cholera.

21.To get rid of diseases of the eye
(to be chanted 12 times daily , 108 times on Sundays and first of the Sanskrit months,
And should be offered Jaggery rice as Naivedhya. This is a part of my post of Soorya sthava Raja)

Vivarthano Vivaswaam cha Marthando, Bhakaro Ravi,
Loka prakasaka , Sriman Loka Chakshu Maheswara,
Loka Sakshi , Trilokesa , Kartha , hartha thamiraha ,
Thapana Thapanaischaiva Suchi Sapthaswa vahana ,
Gabasthi hastha brahmanya sarva deva namaskrutha ,
SAreera aarogyadaschaiva Dhana vrudgi Yasaskara.

The transformer, one who shines , bird of the sky , the one who lights ,one who bestows,
One who lights the world , the eye of the world , the great lord,
The witness of the world , The god of three worlds, the doer, the destroyer and killer of night ,
He who heats he who cools , the pure one, one who rides on seven horses,
He who has shining hands, one who has realized Brahman , one who is saluted by all devas,
He who improves health , increases wealth and fame.

22.To remove Balarishta
(this has to be chanted 100 times , written on a card and hung on the cradle
Of the baby.This would remove difficulties during child hood.)

Brahma, Vishnu , Shiva, Skandha , Gowri, Lakshmir Maheswara,
Rakshanthu jwara dahartham Munchanthu cha Kumarakam

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu , Lord Shiva, Lord Subrahmanya ,Goddess Parvathi, Goddess Lakshmi, The greatest god,
May protect from fever and thirst and set free this baby from all troubles.

23.To get rid of barrenness among ladies
(these names of 18 Puranas should be chanted once daily and 108 times in the Shukla Dwadasi of the Karthigai month)

Brahmam , Padmam , Vaishnavyancha , SAivam , Bhagwadam thadaa,
Bavishyam Naradheeyamcha Markandeya Adha param,
Aagneyam Brahmam Vaivartham Lingam Varaha meva cha,
Skandhamcha Vamanam KOurmam., Mathsyam , Garudam Meva cha,
Brahmandancha puranadhi padathaam puthrathaa nija

One who reads the names of Brahma Purana , Padma Purana , Vishnu Purana,, Saiva Purana,
Bhagwatha , Bhavishya Purana , Narada Purana , Markandeya Purana ,
Agneya Purana , Brahma vaivartha Purana , Linga Purana, Varaha Purana,
Skandha Purana Vamana Purana , Koorma Purana , Mathsya Purana, Garuda Purana,
Brahamnda Purana would definitely get a son.

24.To give birth to a son
(Daily this has to be chanted 108 times, Payasa offered as Naivedhya and distributed among children)

Kausalya Ajanayath Ramam, sarva lakshana Samyutham,
Vishno , ardham maha bagam puthram Ishvaku vardhanam.

Kausalya gave birth to Rama who was gifted with all good qualities,
Who was half of Vishnu , who was great and increased the Ikshuvaku dynasty.

25.To get married quickly
(To be chanted by the girl or boy or their parents daily 108 times)

Janakasya vacha vichruthwaa paaneen panibhi asprusan,
Chathvarasthe satha srunaam Vasishtasya mathesthitha.

Hearing the words of Janaka , the four held the hand by their hands ,
Of the daughters of Janaka due to the advice expressed by Vasishta

26.To get rid of diseases like epilepsy and fainting
(Chant 108 times)

Gurave sarva lokanam, bhishaje bhava roginam,
Nidhaye sarva vidhyanam, Dakshinamurthaye nama

Salutaions to thr God of South,
Who is the teacher of all the world,
Who is the doctor for all diseases,
And who is the store house of all knowledge.

27.To realize success in what we do
(As soon as you start some thing recite this ten times)

Sthutha si thvam Maha devi , visudhena antharathmana,
Jayo bhavathu may nithyam sarva karye prasathatha.

Oh great goddess I pray you with a pure heart,
Please bless me that I succeed in this activity.

28.To get rid of danger
(daily pray ten times and when great danger comes chant 1008 times)

Aapadam apa hartharam dhataram sarva sampadam,
Lokabhi ramam Sri ramam bhooyo bhooyo namamyaham.

My prostrations to that Sri Rama,
Who removes all dangers in life,
Who gives all riches to his devotees,
And who is the darling of all the world.

29.To get rid of fear of enemy, To get rid of sorrow
(Salute Lord Rama and chant 1008 times)

Aarthanaam aarthi hantharam bheethanam bheetha nasanam,
Dwishatham kaladandam tham Ramachandram namamyaham

My salutations to that Ramachandra,
Who wipes of all miseries of the miserable,
Who wipes away all fear from those afraid,
And who is the God of death to his enemies.

30.To avoid accidental death
(Chant this 1008 times and apply sacred ash)

Mruthyunjayaya Rudraya , Neelakantaq Shambhave ,
Amruthesaya sarvaya Mahadevaya they nama.

Oh God who has won over death, Oh angry God , Oh God with blue neck , Oh Shambu,
Oh God of the nectar , Oh Shiva , Oh Mahadeva, I salute you.

31.To get the grace of Goddess
(Chant this ten times daily)

Pathaya vaa patale , Sthapaya vaa sakala Bhuvana samraye,
Matha thava pada yugalam , munchami naiva munchami.

Push me in to Patala or establish me as the king of the universe,
Oh Mother , I would not leave your two feet, will not leave.

32.To get rid of fear of theft
(To be chanted daily before sleep)

Kanthareshva sannannam magnanancha Maharnave ,
Dasyu birvaa nirudhatham thwam gathi paramanruganaam.

When I am exhausted in the forest or drowning in the sea ,
To those who suffer due to thieves , you are the only shelter.

33.To avoid becoming a widow
(To be chanted by unmarried girls and Sumangalis three times a day.)

Omkara poorvike Devi , Veena pusthaka Dharini,
Vedambike , namasthubhyam avaidavyam prayacha may.

Oh Goddess who was prior to “Om” , who carried a book and a Veena,
Oh mother of Vedas I salute you, Please do not make me a widow.

34.To get rid of dosha of widowhood
(After performing pooja to Thulasi , this should be chanted 12 times.)

Thanmoole sarva theerthaani , yan madhye sarva devathaa,
Yadagre sarva vedancha , thulasim thaam namayaham.

I salute the Thulasi in whose reads all sacred waters stay,
In the middle of which all devas live and in the tip of which all Vedas exist.

35.To get the effect of having done Aswamedha
(this should be repeated thrice in front of Thulasi plant)

Brinda , Brindavanee , Viswapoojithaa , Viswapavani ,
Pushpasara , nandhanee cha Thulasi Krishna jeevani

Brinda, One who is even Brindavana , One worshipped by the world , one which makes world pure,
One who is essence of flowers, The daughter , Thulasi and one who lives with Krishna.

36.To get blessing of Lakshmi/To get a job
(to be chanted 10 times daily .
On Fridays chant it 108 times after lighting a ghee lamp.

Sri devihi amruthoth bhootha , Kamala , Chandra Shobhanaa,
Vishnu pathni Vaishnavi cha Vararohascha Sarngini,
Hari Priya , Deva devi , Mahalakshmischa Sundari

Sridevi , she who rose with nectar , great lotus like goddess , She who shines like moon,
Wife of Vishnu , Consort of Vishnu , Consort of Varaha , She who holds Sarnga bow ,
She who is darling of Hari , The Goddess of gods , Mahalakshmi, the pretty Goddess.

37.To get rid of poverty
(To be repeated three times in the dawn and at dusk)

Yaduth bhava , sathva rajasthamogunaa sargga,
Sthuthi dwamsa nidhana karina,
Yadichayaa viswamidam bhava bhavou thaothi,
Moola prakruthim nathasmatrhaam.

We salute that primeval power from whom ,
The sathva, Rajas and Thamo gunas originated ,
And are engaged in creation, upkeep and destruction of the world,
And due to her wish the world does good or bad deeds.

38.To get rid of worries and depression.
(Daily chant this three times at dawn and dusk)

Namo mathsya koormadhi nanaswaroopa roopai ,
Sadaa bhaktha karya udyathaya aarthi hanthre ,
Vidathraathi sarga sthithi dwamsa karthre,
Gadhaa sankha padmari hasthaya thesthu.

Salutations to the one who took different forms like Fish and Turtle,
Who is always engaged in helping his devotees,
Who gets the job of creation , upkeep and destruction by Lord Brahma and others,
And who holds the mace conch , Lotus flower in his hands .

39.To salute Brahmins
(Sloka told before saluting Brahmins)

Viprogha Darasanath sadhya ksheeyanthe paparasAYA,
Vandanath mangala avapthi , archanath achyutham.

On seeing a Brahmin group all sins would go away,
On saluting them we get auspiciousness and
By worshipping them We get the world of Achyutha.

40.To sprinkle the water used to wash the feet of a Brahmin

SAmastha sampath samavapthi hethava samudhitha, aapathkula dhooma kethava,
Apara samsara samudhra sethava punanthu maam Brahmana pada pamsava.

Let this dust of the feet of Brahmin ,
Which is the cause of attainment of all wealth,
Which is a destructive comet for expected dangers
And is a bridge to the endless ocean of Samsara,
To give endless satisfaction to our manes

41.For cleaning the ground to do chanting
(To be chanted before chanting the names of God)

Apasarpanthu ye bhoothaa , ye bhoothaa bhuvi samsthithaa,
Ye bhoothaa vignakarthaara dehaschanthu Shiva aagnayaa

These Bhoothas which spy on me and these Bhoothas who are on earth ,
This Bhootha which create obstacles may go away due to the order of Lord Shiva.

42.To clean the water in the kalasa(pot) meant for worship

Kalasaya mukhe Vishnu , Kanda Rudra Samasrutha,
Kukshouthu sagaraa sarve sapthakveepaa vasundaraa.
Rig vedadha Yajurveda , Sama vedhopi atharvana,
Angaischa sahithaa Vedaa kalasambu samasrithaa,
Gangecha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswathi,
Narmadhe Sindhu Cauvery Jalesmin sannidhim kuru.

On the face of the pot is Lord Vishnu, on its neck is Rudraa,
On its stomach is the sea, seven islands and earth,
Rig Veda , Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharvana Veda,
Along with their branches are present in the pot,
Also river Ganga, Yamuna , Godavari, Saraswathi,
Narmada , Sindhu and Cauvery are present in the water inside.

43.For ringing the bell during worship

AAgamatrhanthu devaanaam gamanarthanthu Raakshasaam,
Kuru gandaravam thathra devathahvana lanchanam.

For the coming of devas and for going away of the asuras,
Make that sound which would be welcoming the devas.

44.To pour the water in Conch round the god

Sankhamadhye sthitham thoyam SAnkaropari,
Anga lagnam manushyaanaam Brahmahathyaa aayudham saheth.

If the water in the conch which was poured over Lord Shiva,
Touches the body of human being, Even the sin ofkilling a Brahmin would go away.

45.To take the sacred water after anointing God

1.Akala mruthyu haranam , sarva vyadhi nivaranam,
SAmastha papa kshaya karam , Shiva(Vishnu) padodakam

The water washing the feet of Lord Shiva(vishnu)
Would avoid accidental early deaths , Would cure all diseases,
And would also destroy all the sins committed.

2.Darasanth nikhila kilbishabhakam , sparsanath Akhila,
Kamadham shubham, Prasanasch parmartha bodhakam,
Chandrachooda saranodhakam Bhaje

I sing praises of water washing the feet of God who wears the moon,
Which removes all seen if seen , fulfills all desires just by touching ,
Would give you realization of Philosophy by taking it.

46.Prayer to the God

Anayasena marjanam , vinaa dainyena jeevanam,
Dehi may krupayaa Shambo thwayi bhakthir achanjalaam.

Oh God shambhu please grant an easy death ,
And a life without dependence,
To me who has unshaken faith in you.

47.To give away our duty to God.

Kayenavacha Manasendryrva budhyatmanava prakrithai swabhawat,
Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai narayanayethi samarpayami 33

I offer all that I do,
To :Lord Narayana,
Whatever I do with my body,
Whatever I do with my mind,
Whatever I do with my brain,
Whatever I do with my soul,

48.As soon as we see our food

Asmakam nithyam asthu yethath

Let this be made available to me daily.

49.As soon as food is served on the leaf

Annapurne Mahadevi , Shankara prana vallabhe ,
Jnana vairagya sidhyartham Bikshaam dehi cha Parvathi

Oh great goddess Annapurna , who is the dear wife of Lord Shiva,
Oh Parvathi , give me alms for the sake of wisdom and detachment.

50.After taking meals , the water which has been taken by us
(The water remaining in hand after “amruthapi dhanamasi)
Should be taken round the leaves and left on right side.
Say “ Annadatha Sukheebhava”-let those who gave food have a pleasant life)

Rourave apunya nilaye , Padma arbudha nivasinaam,
Artheenaam udakam datham akshayyam upathishtathu.

In the hell called Raurava , to those millions of souls,
Who need water , May this water be available without getting over.

51.For food getting digested after eating

Vathapi raksho baksha , sa thwam Vindhya parvatha Garvahaa,
Samudhra Theertha panaasu Jeernam kuru mamasanam

Oh sage who ate Vatapi, Of sage who destroyed the pride of Vindhyas,
Oh sage who drank the ocean water, please digest the food that I have taken

52.Saying this touch the water and then the stomach

To do Pradakshina(circambulation0

Yaani kaani cha paapani , Janmanthara kruthani cha,
Thani thani vinasyanthi Pradakshina pade pade

All those sins that were done over several births ,
Would one by one get destroyed when we do Pradakshina.

53.Places of salvation

Daasanath Abra sadasi , jananath Kamalalaye ,
Kasyanthu maranath mukthi , Smaranath arunachale

Seeing Chidambaram, Being born in Thirivarur,
Dying in Benares and just thinking of Thiruvannamalai would lead to salvation.

54.The greatness of Cauvery

Trirathram Jahnavi thoye , Saptha rathranthu yamune ,
Sadhya punaati Cauvery papam aamaranathikam.

All sins would be washed away by taking bath for three days in Ganges,
Seven days in Yamuna and just by taking bath in Cauvery.

55.Seeing of Sethu in Rameswaram

Raghu veera pada nyasa pavithra krutha pamsave ,
dAsa kanda sirachedha hethave sethave nama.

Oh place which is made holy by the touch of the feet of Rama,
I salute you Sethu who is cause of slaying of Ravana.

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