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By Swami Harshananda

History of Vindhya Mountain Ranges[edit]

Vindhya is the famous mountain range separating the Deccan Plateau from the Indo-Gangetic plains of North India. According to the ancient legends, the Vindhya mountain which is considered a living deity, asked Surya[1] to circumambulate him, even as he was doing to the Meru mountain. When Surya politely refused, Vindhya started growing taller and taller, obstructing his path. The gods in heaven who were alarmed at this, requested the great sage Agastya to intervene. When Agastya arrived Vindhya bowed to him. The sage commanded him to be like that, until he returned from the south, which he never did.

Rivers Originating from Vindhya[edit]

Some of the rivers that take their birth from the Vindhya are:

  1. Tapatī
  2. Payoṣṇī
  3. Nirvindhyā
  4. Veṇā
  5. Kumudvatī
  6. Durgamā
  7. Sīlā

People Residing Around Vindhya[edit]

Vindhyapṛṣṭha is the territory of this region wherein the following races of people live:[2]

  1. Mālada
  2. Karuṣa
  3. Utkala
  4. Māṣa
  5. Daśārṇa
  6. Bhoja
  7. Kiṣkindhaka
  8. Vītihotra
  9. Avanti


  1. Surya is the Sun-god.
  2. Matsyapurāṇa Ch. 114, verses 53 to 55
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