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By Swami Harshananda

It is the name of the beautiful lake at the foot of the Rṣyamuka hill on which lived the exiled monkey-king Sugrīva. Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, after the abduction of Sītā, met Hanumān, Sugrīva’s minister, for the first time here. It was an extraordinarily beautiful lake with placid water, full of lotus flowers. Its location has been traced to be a place of about 13 kms.[1] away from the present town of Anegondi in the Bellary district of Karnataka.

Pampā is also the name of a small river that takes birth from the Pampā lake and is a tributary of the river Tuñgabhadrā. There is another Pampā river in the Kerala State. It originates in the Kāntamalai hill and flows right under the famous eighteen steps leading to the shrine of Ayyappan or Hariharaputra of Sabarīmalai. It later joins the river Kallār. According to the local legends, the famous Śabarī[2] lived in these parts and Pampā is the same as the lake or river at the foot of the Rṣyamuka hill on which Sugrīva lived.


  1. It is approximately 8 miles.
  2. Śabarī was the devotee of Rāma.
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