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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Rahasya Thrayam III-Moorthi Rahasyam

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Rahasya thrayam III-Moorthi Rahasyam
The triad of secrets III-The secret of different forms.

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(Devi Mahatmyam also called as Chandi /Durga Sapthasathi, is possibly the greatest book of prayers addressed to the goddess. This prayer is an appendix of that great book. In Devi Mahatmya after the sage completely relates the story of the Goddess, the king wants to know , who and what is the Goddess. Seeing his great devotion the sage tells him this secret of secrets , in a series of three prayers. In the third prayer the sage tells the king about the various forms taken by Mahalakhmi for helping the world . He also describes these forms and tells how these forms should be worshipped.)

1.Nanda bhagwathi nama yaa bhavishyathi nandaja,
Saa sthuthaa poojithaa bhakthyaa vasikuru Jagat thrayam.

Goddess Nanda would be born as the daughter of Nandagopa,
And he who prays or worships her with devotion would make all the three worlds as his own.

2.Kanakothama kanthi saa sukanthi kanakambaraa,
Devi kanaka varnabha , kankothama bhooshanaa.

That Nanda devi is with a shine similar to the luster of Gold,
Wears a shining cloth made of gold, is of the colour of Gold,
And wears very wonderful ornaments made of Gold.

3.Kamalngusapasabhjair alankrutha chathur bhuja ,
Indiraa kamala lakshmeesaa Sri rukmambujasanaa.

That Goddess with four hands that are decorated by,
Lotus flower , goad, rope and also conch ,
Stays in a golden lotus flower and is Indira , Kamala and Lakshmi.

4.Yaa Raktha dandhikaa nama Devi prokthaa mayaa anagha,
Thasyaa swaroopam Vakkshyaami srunu sarva bhayapaha.

Oh sinless one , I would tell you about the form of that Goddess,
Who is called Raktha Dandika(she with Blood stained teeth)

5.Rakthambara , Rakthavarnaa , Raktha sarvanga bhooshana,
Rakthayudhaa , Rakthanethraa , Raktha kesadhi bheeshana.

6. Raktha theeshna nakha , Raktha dasanaa, Raktha dandhikaa,
Pathim Naari vanurakthaa Devi bhaktham bhaja janam.

She wears blood soaked cloths is the colour of blood ,
She is decorated by blood all over her body ,
She carries weapons soaked in blood and has a fearful look,
With her hair also of the colour of blood.
She has sharp nails soaked in blood , teeth which are red with blood,
And is called Goddess Raktha Dandhika and she looks after with care
Her devotees like a wife looking after her husband.

7.Vasudeva visala saa sumeru yugla sthani,
Dheershou lamba vathi Sthoolou thavatheeva manoharou.

8. Karkasavathi kanthou thou sarvananda payo nidhi,
Bhakthan sambayaeth devi sarva kama dhugou sthanou.

That Goddess Raktha Dandhika , has a body as broad as earth,
Has two breasts which are as big as the Meru mountain,
And those breasts are long broad and very thick as well as pretty,
And that goddess using those hard breasts which have great luster,
And which are the store house of all joy and wishes,
Would feed all her devotees .

9.Gadgam pathram cha musalam langalam cha bhibharthrthi sa,
Aakhyathaa Raktha chamunda devi yogeswareethi cha

10. Anayaavyaptha makhilam jagat sthavara jangamam,
Imam ya poojayeth bhakthyaa sa vyapnethi characharam.

She wears sword , drinking vessel , pestle , plough and gun as weapons,
And that Goddess Raktha Chamanda is also known as Yogeswari,
And the entire movable and immovable universe is fully occupied her,
And the fame of him who worships her with devotion , is spread all over the world.

11.Atheethe ya imam nithyam Rakthadanthyaa vapya sthavam,
Thamsaa parichare devi pathim priyamivaanganaa.

He who chants this prayer of Rakthadandika again and again ,
Would be looked after by her like a pretty lady looks after her husband.

12. Sakambari, neelavarna neelothpala vilochana,
Gambheeranaabhi trivali Vibhooshitha thanoodhari,

13. Su karkasa samothunga Vrutha peena Ghana sthani,
Mushtim silee mukhaa poornam kamalam kamalaalayaa

14. Pushpa palaava mooladhi phalaadyam saka sanchayam,
Kamyananthara sairyuktham kshuthyan mruthyu jwarapaham,

15. Karmukancha sphurathkanthi bibrathi parameswari,
Sakambari Sathakshi saa saiva durgaa prakeerthithaa

16. Visokaa dushta dhamani samanee durithaapadaam,
Uma Gauri sathi Chandi Kalikaa sapi Parvathi.

Sakambari devi is of blue colour , has eyes,
Of the colour of the petals of blue lotus flowers,
Has a very deep belly button and has her belly,
Decorated by three lines and also has ,
Very hard , equally tall , round and thick breasts.

That great Goddess lives on the lotus flower,
And she wears arrow , lotus flower and a bundle of greens,
Which are having many desirable flavors and tastes,
And are capable of destroying hunger , thirst death and fever ,
And also wears a bow which has shining luster.

That Sakambari devi is also the Sathakshi devi with hundred eyes ,
And she also is known as Durga and she is bereft of sorrow,
Killer of bad asuras , destroyer of great dangers and is also
Uma, Gauri , Sathi , Chandika, Kalika and Parvathi.

17.Sakambarim sthuvan dhyayan japan sampoojayan naman,
Akshayamasnuthe seegra manna panamrutham phalam.

He who meditates, chants , properly worships and salutes ,
Goddess Sakambari would be blessed with everlasting.
Nectar of food and drink forever.

18,Bheemaapi neela varnaa saa damshtra dasana basuraa,
Visala lochanaa naari Vrutha peena payodharaa.

19. Chandrahasam cha damaru sira pathram cha bhibrathi,
Ekaveeraa Kalarathri saivokthaa kamadhaa sthuthaa.

That Bheema devi is of blue colour and has a very gross form,
Shines with teeth as well as protruding teeth and has very broad eyes,
And has a feminine form with round and thick breasts ,

She holds the drum , sword , severed head , drinking vessel.
And she s also called Ekaveera and also Kalarathri (dark night) ,
And prayer to her would result in fulfillment of all wishes.

20. Thejo mandala durdarshaa braamari chithra kanthi bruth,
Chithranulepana devi chithrabharana bhooshithaa.

21. Chithrabramara pani saa Mahaa mareethi geeyathe ,
Ithyethaa moorthayo devyo Vyakhyathaa vasudhadhipa

22.Jaganmathuschandikaya keerthidhaa kamadenava,
Idham rahasyam paramam vachyam kasya chithvayaa

23. Vyakhyaanam divya moorthinamm adheeshwaa avahitha swayam,
Thasmadsar prayathnena devim japa nirantharam

24.SAptha janmarjithaighorair brahma hathya samairapi,
Pata mathrena manthraanaam myuchyathe sarva kilbishai.

The Goddess Brahmari is one who cannot be stopped,
Is like a shining cloud of light and has luster of different colours, Wears different types of make up marks and also,
Different and different types of ornaments and,
Holds in her hand a bee of multiple and attractive colours,
And that Brahmari devi is known also as Maha Mai.

Oh king , thus these are the different forms of Chandika,
Who is the mother of the universe and is famous
As the one who fulfills all one’s wishes .
This knowledge which has been related to you is very secret ,
And should not be told by you to anyone else ,
And you should with a unwavering mind ,
Read what has been related to you about these divine forms.

Due to the reasons that has been told above ,
Put in great effort and always chant these prayers aimed at the Goddess,
For only just by reading of these secret chants ,
You can get rid of all the very hard sins ,
Which include the one like Brahma Hathya ,
Committed during your last seven births..

25.Devyaa dhyanam mayakhyatham guhyath guhyatharam mahath,
Thasmath sarva prayathnena sarva kama phala pradham.

And so the prayer addressed to Chandika
Which is the very great secret of secrets,
And which is capable of fulfilling all your wishes,
Has been told to you with very great effort.

Moorthi Rahasyam SAmaptham
The secret of forms of mother comes to an end.