Rudrākṣa Jābāla Upaniṣad

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By Swami Harshananda

Rudrākṣa Jābāla Upaniṣad is a minor Upaniṣad assigned to the Sāmaveda. There are 49 sections comprising anuṣṭubh verses and also the passages in prose. It is in the form of a long dialogue between Kālāgni-rudra and sages like Bhusuṇḍa, Sanatkumāra, Jaḍabharata, Dattātreya, Kātyāyana, Vasiṣṭha and others.

Content of Rudrākṣa Jābāla Upaniṣad[edit]

The topics dealt with may be summarized briefly as follows:[1]

  • Origin of rudrākṣa trees and beads[2]
  • Results of wearing the beads or doing japa with them[3]
  • Varieties of the rudrākṣa beads[4]
  • Methods of wearing the beads on the various parts of the body along with the appropriate mantras[5]
  • Rudrākṣas with one to fourteen faces and the results of wearing them[6]
  • Things to be given up or avoided by one who wears the beads[7]
  • Eulogy of wearing rudrākṣa on various occasions[8]
  • Greatness of rudrākṣa[9]
  • Eulogy of studying this Upaniṣad[10]

Noteworthy points of Rudrākṣa Jābāla Upaniṣad[edit]

  • The Upaniṣad makes a special mention that one who wears the rudrākṣas must avoid eating meat, onion and garlic.
  • A person wearing this should not consume liquor.
  • A person if does not want to wear it on regular basis can wear it on special days like eclipses, during the ayanas or equinoxes and saṅkrāntis,[11] full-moon and new-moon days.


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