Sanaischara Dwadasa Namam

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Sanaischara Dwadasa nama stotra
( Prayer with twelve names to Saturn)


Kunee , Sanaischaro , manda , chaya hrudaya nandana ,
Marthandaja sthadha souree , pathangee , Gruha nayaka,
Brahmanya kroora karma cha neela vasthro anjana dhuthi,
Dwadasithani Naamami prathar uthaya ya padeth,
SAnaischara bhayam nasthi . Lalkshmim aayuscha vindathi,
Dwadasahta janmastha . yekadasa phala pradha ,
Vishamasthobhi Bhagawan supreethasthya jayathe.

English translation
One with crooked feet , slow moving , darling son of Chaya devi,
Son of Sun God , archer , son of sun god , lord of planets,
Friend of Brahmin, one who does cruel acts , one who wears blue cloths and one who is black.
He who reads these twelve names as soon as gets up in the morn,
Will have no fear of Saturn and would be wealthy as long as he lives,
For twenty births he would get eleven times more benefit,
And even if he is in trouble , he would become drling of God.

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