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Academic Connections[edit]

  • Prof. Arvind Sharma (McGill University) [1]
    • Post to the RISA mailing list about Hindupedia (mailing list of all academics with interest in Indic Studies) (around 4/23)
  • Prof. Subhash Kak (Oklahoma State University) -- general advice / planning

Spiritual Connections[edit]

  • Swami Avdheshanand Giri Maharaj -- head of Juna Akhada, On Hindupedia's Board of Advisors.


Marketing has a couple of distinct focus areas today:

  • Partnership Development
    • Creating agreements whereby Hindupedia can edit & reproduce articles originally posted on partner sites
    • Creating agreements whereby Hindupedia content is embedded inside of other websites
  • General Awareness to raise popularity & usage of Hindupedia
  • Link Development -- getting other sites to link to Hindupedia
    • Embedding references to Hindupedia within different Wikipedia articles (both as external links and "references" inside articles)
  • Planning:


  • American Institute of Vedic Studies -- permission by David Frawley to reproduce their articles
  • Hinduism Today -- agreed to let us reproduce & edit content--however, each article must get individual approval as they don't own all copyrights themselves. They are willing to send us photographs from the articles as well--in contact with Arumugaswami.
  • Dhivvya Dharsanam -- website about temples. agreed to let us reproduce & edit content
  • SAKSI -- agreed to let us reproduce & edit their content as long as there is a link back to the original location
  • Spiritual Note -- website about saints. agreed to let us reproduce & edit content. Site is no longer under development & was imported into Hindupedia in early 2008.
  • Prof. Subash Kak -- can edit & reproduce his articles/essays after approval by him

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who/what cannot be killed; unslayable.

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  • Format Word doc into headers (use outline tool) to start then double check all headings in normal view
  • Use Kutools to split doc by "header 1"
  • Convert doc files to html: Using CoolUtils Doc->HTML batch converter
  • Upload using ImportHTML