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By Swami Harshananda

Varisāra literally means ‘secret of upāsanā or meditation’.

This is a short but well-known work of the Śākta school of the tantras. It was composed by Bhāskararāya Makhin.[1] It has 167 kārikās[2] divided into two arnśas or sections.[3] The author himself has written a detailed gloss on it. The work expounds in detail the philosophy behind the Śricakra and the Pañcadaśāksarī mantra by connecting them with the various tattvas or principles taught in the tantras. It is an esoteric and a highly complicated work.


  1. He lived in 17th- 18th Century.
  2. Kārikās means brief sentences.
  3. The calculation is 53 + 114 = 167.
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