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By Swami Harshananda

Viniyogavidhi literally means ‘injunction regarding application’.

Significance of Vedic Sacrifices[edit]

Vedic sacrifices involve many complicated rites. Hence treatises on the Purva-mīmāṅsā take great pains to explain in detail all the subtle points in their performance. A vidhi is a Vedic injunction regarding the performance of any Vedic rite like a yāga or sacrifice.

Different Types of Vidhis[edit]

Some of the vidhis are:

  1. Utpattividhi or pradhānavidhi - It indicates the main rite such as, ‘One who desires to attain svarga[1] should perform the Agnihotra sacrifice.’
  2. Viniyogavidhi or Guṇavidhi - It gives the details of the performance, like ‘He has to offer curds as oblation into the fire of Agnihotra.’
  3. Viśistavidhi - In this ritual, the specialty is pointed out. For instance, if it is declared, ‘One has to perform the sacrifice through soma,’ it should be understood that a sacrifice in which the soma juice is to be offered, is meant here.


  1. Svarga means heaven.
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