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By Swami Harshananda

Yamaloka literally means ‘the world of Yama’.

Yamaloka as per Ṛgveda[edit]

The Ṛgveda[1] gives a brief description of Yamaloka or the world of Yama as a wonderful place full of peace. Yama lives there with his associates who praise him, to the accompaniment of music of the flute.

Yamaloka as per Purāṇas[edit]

According to the purāṇas, Yamaloka is a vast place surrounded by four iron forts, with four main gates. There is a majestic auditorium wherein many great kings of the past assemble.

Yamaloka, General Meaning[edit]

Yamaloka is referred as Naraka or hell. It exists in one part of this world.


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