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By Jit Majumdar

  1. possessing horses; mounted on a horse
  2. cavalry; swift; wealthy (since the possession of many horses or cattle was considered a sign of wealth in the ancient period)
  3. the collective name (also spelled: aśvini) for the physicians of the race of Devas or celestial beings; the twin sons of Sūrya and Sañjanā, named Satya and Dasra, and the bilogical fathers of Nakula and Sahadeva by Mādrī (M. Bh.); the god of agriculture; (Ŗ. Veda); the number 2 (Ŗ. Veda); the zodiac sign of Gemini (fem: aśvinī):
  4. the first of the 27 lunar mansions or Nakşatras (V. B. Sańhitā); the nymph who was the mother of the Aśvins (Ŗ. Veda).