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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Sri Venkatesa stotram from Skanda Puranam

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Sri Venkatesa Stotra
(From Skanda Puranam)

Sage Padmanabha

Translated by

(This is a very short but powerful prayer addressed to Lord Venkateswara. This is composed by sage Padmanabha. This is supposed to occur in Skanda Purana. A Devanagari version is available in )

Padmanabha Uvacha:-
Padmanabha said:-

1.Namo devasdhi devaaya, sarngine ,
Nararayanadhri vasaya , srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the God of Gods who holds the Sarnga bow,
Salutation to Srinivasa who lives on the Narayana mountain.

2.Nama kalmasha naasaya, vasudevaya , Vishnave,
Seshachala nivasaya , Srinivasaya they nama

Salutations to Lord Vishnu, the Vasudeva . who removes stains.
Salutations to Srinivasa who lives on Sesha mountain

3.Nama trilokya nathaya , viswaroopaya sakshine,
Shiva brahmadhi vandhyaya, Srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the Lord of three worlds , who has a mega form and is the witness,
Salutations to Srinivasa who is saluted by Lord Shiva and Brahma.

4.Nama Kamala nethraya, ksheerabdhi sayanaya they,
Dushta Rakshasa samharthre , Srinivasya they nama.

Salutations to the lotus eyed one who sleeps on the ocean of milk,
Salutations to Srinivasa , who kills the very bad asuras.

5.Bhaktha priyaya devaya , devanaam pathaye nama,
Pranatharthi vinasaya , Srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the Lord of devas who is the Lord , who loves his devotees,
Salutation to Srinivasa who removes the sufferings of his devotees.

6.Yogeenaam pathaye thubhyam , thubhyam Veda vedhyaya Vishnave,
Bhakthaanaam papa samharthre , Srinivasaya they nama

You are the Lord of Yogis , You are Lord Vishnu who is worshipped by Vedas,
Salutations to Srinivasa , who destroys the sins of his devotees.

Ithi Skanda purane Vaishnava Khaande Venkatachala Mahathmye Padmanabha muni krutha
Sri Venkatesa stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the prayer to Venkatesa omposed by sage Padmanabha occurring in the chapter of “Greatness of Venkatesa” in the section related to Vaishnava in Skanda Purana.

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