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By Swami Harshananda

Takṣaka, Serpent King[edit]

Takṣaka was one of the major serpents born of the parents, Kaśyapa and Kadru. He was the king of 27 races of serpents. He bit and killed the king Parīkṣit. Enraged by this, the king Janamejaya, son of Parīkṣit, performed the Sarpayāga, aimed to destroy the entire race of the serpents.

Takṣaka took refuge in Indra, the king of gods. However, when due to the power of the mantra, even Indra along with Takṣaka was forcibly pulled towards the sacrificial fire, the young sage Āstīka appeared on the scene and saved both of them. The sacrifice was also stopped.

Takṣaka, a Sculptor[edit]

The word also means a carpenter-cum-sculptor whose role in building construction is considerable.


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