The Government Sanskrit College

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By Swami Harshananda


This College was established in A. D. 1824 by the East India Company. The method of teaching Sanskrit was traditional. The subjects taught were also the usual traditional ones like Nyāya and other systems of philosophy, grammar, astrology and āyurveda.[1] When īśvaracandra Vidyāsāgara[2] became its principal in 1851, he introduced the Western method of teaching in the college.


In the publication section, 134 books have so far been published in the Sanskrit College Series of Texts and Studies. They include original texts, studies and lexicons also. The two most outstanding publications of this institute are:

  1. The Paippalādasamhitā in two parts
  2. The Chāndogya Brāhmaṇa with the commentary of Gayāviṣṇu

The College is bringing out a bi-annual bulletin called Our Heritage since A. D. 1953. The post-graduate and research department started in A. D. 1951 is attracting many sincere students and scholars.


  1. Āyurveda is also called as health-sciences.
  2. He lived in A. D. 1820-1898.
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