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By Jit Majumdar

  1. to hold; to support; to sustain
  2. firmness; reliability; strength; stability; patience; resolution
  3. the son of Vijaya and father of Dhŗtavrata (Hv. Pur.); a son of bahbru (M. Bh.); a son of King Vītahavya of Videha and father of Bahulāśva (M. Bh.); (fem: dhŗtī): the daughter of Dakşa and the wife of Dharma and mother of Niyama (Vi. Pur.); on eof the 16 digits or “kalā” of the Moon (Vi. Pur.); the wife of the muni Kapila; the wife of the 12th Manu Rudra Sāvaŕņi (Vi. Pur.).

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