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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

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Gāyatri Chālisā in Hindi

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Gāyatri Chālisā in Hindi
The forty verse prayers to Gāyatri

Translated by

Verse 1[edit]

Hreem Sreem kleem medhaa , prabhaa, jeevan , jyothi prachanda ,
Santhi kanthi jagruth pragathi rachanaa Śakthi akhand.

  • Translation

Hreem, Sreem , Kleem , Oh formidable one in wisdom, splendor, life and light ,
Oh all pervading peace , light , alert , progress and power.

Verse 2[edit]

Jagat Janani , mangal karini , Gayathri , sukhadham,
Pranava om savithri swadhaa , swahaa , puran , kaam.

  • Translation

Oh mother of universe , Oh does of the auspicious and the store house of pleasures,
You are “Om” the pranava , savithri , Swadha the food of manes , Swahaa ,
The vehicle of food for devas and so fulfill my work.

Verse 3[edit]

Bhoor bhuva suva om yutha janani ,
Gāyatri nitha kalimala dahani

  • Translation

Oh goddess who is the mother accompanies the three worlds , Bhoo, bhuva and Suva,
Oh Gayathri who is the destroyer of the ills of Kali age .

Gayatri Mata

Verse 4[edit]

Akshara chovees parama punithaa ,
Inme bhase sashtra sruthi Geetha.

  • Translation

Oh Goddess who is made of very holy forty letters,
Within which lives all shastras, Vedas and Gita.

Verse 5[edit]

Saswatha satho guni satharoopa,
Sathya Sanathana shudha anoopa

  • Translation

She is forever , has hundred qualities and hundred forms,
She is truth , without beginning pure and is riding on water

Verse 6[edit]

Hamsarooda sithambhar dhari,
Swarnba kanthi suchi gagana bihari

  • Translation

She rides on swan , has the colour of gold ,
She has the shine of gold ,is pure and travels in the sky.

Verse 7[edit]

Pusthaka pushpa kamandalu Malaa ,
Shubra varna thanu , nayana vishaala.

  • Translation

She holds a book , fllower , water pot and a rosary ,
Her body is of white colour and eyes are broad.

Verse 8[edit]

Dhyana dharath pulakitha hoi,
Sukha upajatha dukh durmathi ko.

  • Translation

He who meditates on her is drowned in joy ,
And gets lot of pleasure but she gives sorrow to bad people

Verse 9[edit]

Kamadhenu thum sura tharu chaya, Niraakaar ki adbutha mayaa

  • Translation

You are the wish giving cow, the shade of the wish giving tree, You are the wonderful illusion of the shapeless god.

Verse 10[edit]

Thumhari saran gahai jo koi,
Tharai sakal sankat so sdi.

  • Translation

He who surrenders and comes to you,
Would cross all sorrows and happily sleep.

Verse 11[edit]

Saraswathi.Lakshmi thum , Kali,
Dhipai thumhari jyothi nirali

  • Translation

You are Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Kali ,
The shine that you have is extraordinary.

Verse 12[edit]

Thumhari mahimaa paar na pavai ,
Jo sharada , shatha mukha guna gavai.

  • Translation

No one can describe your greatness ,
Oh Saraswathi, even if he has hundred mouths.

Verse 13[edit]

Char veda ki mathu punitha ,
Thumhi brahmani Gauri Sita

  • Translation

You are the holy mother of four Vedas,
You are Brahmani, Gauri as well as Sita.

Verse 14[edit]

Maha manthra jithne jag maahin,
Kou Gayatri sama nahi

  • Translation

Though world has many great chants,
None of them is equal to Gayatri.

Verse 15[edit]

Sumeerath hiya mein jaan prakasai,
Alas pap avidhya nasai

  • Translation

Once when you are remembered the soul shines ,
And laziness , sin and ignorance would be destroyed.

Verse 16[edit]

Srushti bheeja jag janani Bhavani,
Kaala Rathri varada kalyani

  • Translation

Oh Bhavani who is the seed of the creation of the world,
You are dark night of deluge , one who blesses and one gives auspiciousness.

Verse 17[edit]

Brahma Vishnu , Rudra sura jethe ,
Thum so pave surathaa thethe

  • Translation

Brahma , Vishnu , Lord Shiva and all devas,
God their divinity because you gave it to them.

Verse 18[edit]

Thum bhakthan ki bhakth thumharo,
Janinihi puthra pran se pyare

  • Translation

You are the of all devotees And you mother loves your sons more that your life.

Verse 19[edit]

Mahima a parampaar thumhari,
Jay jay jay tripadhaa , bhaya haari

  • Translation

Your greatness is without any limits ,
Victory , victory , victory to you made of three letters , Oh destroyer of fear.

Verse 20[edit]

Pooritha sakala jnan vijnaan, Thum sama adhika jag mein aaanaa

  • Translation

You are the wisdom and science completely,
There are not many in this world like you

Verse 21[edit]

Thumahi hi jaani kuch rahai na sesha,
Thumahi paaya kuch rahai na klesa

  • Translation

Once I know you , there is nothing more to be known,
Once I get you there are no more sufferings.

Verse 22[edit]

Jaantha thumahi , thumahi vyahai jayee ,
Paaras parsi kudhathu suhai.

  • Translation

I know that you are born from yourself ,
And an ordinary stone becomes great by touching you.

Verse 23[edit]

Thumahari Shakthi dhipai sab ttai,
Maatha thum sab tair samai

  • Translation

Your strength shines like a light everywhere,
Oh mother you are present every where.

Verse 24[edit]

Gruha Nakshtra Brahmanda ghanere,
Sab gathivaan thumhare prer

  • Translation

All the Planets, stars, universes,
Are moving only due to your advice.

Verse 25[edit]

Sakala Srishti ki prana vidatha ,
Paalak, poshak naashak thraathaa.

  • Translation

You are the one who is the giver of soul to all beings ,
You are the one who protects, nourishes , destroys and saves .

Verse 26[edit]

Matheswari dhayaa vratha dhaari ,
Thum san there paathki baari

  • Translation

Oh Goddess mother who has taken mercy as penance
Because of your grace even a sinner is excused.

Verse 27[edit]

Japar krupaa Thumari hoi,
Thaapar Kripa kare sab koi.

  • Translation

Wherever your mercy is there ,
There the mercy of all god s are there.

Verse 28[edit]

Mandha budhi they budhi bala pavai ,
Rogi roga rahitha ho jave.

  • Translation

By your grace the dim witted one would become intelligent,
And the diseased one will get rid of his sickness.

Verse 29[edit]

Daridra mitai katai sab peera ,
Nasai dukh harai bhava bheera.

  • Translation

By your grace all poverty is removed ,
All sorrows and fears come to an end.

Verse 30[edit]

Griha klesa chitha chinthaa bhaari,
Naasai Gayathri bhaya haari.

  • Translation

The Gayathri who destroys all fears would destroy ,
All worries at home and anxieties of the mind.

Verse 31[edit]

Snthathi heena susanthathi paaven,
Sukha sampathi yutha modh maanave.

  • Translation

One without children is blessed with good children,
And he would be blessed with wealth, pleasures and live happily.

Verse 32[edit]

Bhootha pisascha sabai bhaya kaaven, Yamakai dhootha nikata nahi aaven.

  • Translation

Devils and Ghosts would be stuck with fear ,
And the emissaries of God of death will not come near.

Verse 33[edit]

Jo sadhavaa sumire chitha lai,
Akshaya suhaga sadhaa suck daai.

  • Translation

A married woman if she remembers her in the morning,
Would live forever with her husband and live happily.

Verse 34[edit]

Ghar var Sukha pradha lahai kumaari ,
Vidhavaa rahe Sathya Vrutha dhaari

  • Translation

The unmarried girl would get a husband and live happily,
And the widows would truly observe the penance.

Verse 35[edit]

Jayathi jayathi Jagadhambhaa Bhavani,
Thum sama aur dayalu na dhaani.

  • Translation

Victory, Victory to Bhavani who is the mother of the world,
No one is as merciful and a giver of bounties like you.

Verse 36[edit]

Jo sadguru se Shiksha pave ,
So Sadana ko saphala banaven.

  • Translation

He who gets instructed by a good preceptor ,
Would be able to make the prayer to her as success.

Verse 37[edit]

Sumiranaa karai Suruchi bada bhagi,
Lahai manoradha grahee viraagi.

  • Translation

The lucky good hearted one who meditates on her ,
Would get all his wishes fulfilled without attachment.

Verse 38[edit]

Ashta sidhi, nava nidhi ke dathaa ,
Saba samartha Gayathri maatha.

  • Translation

The mother Gayathri is greatly capable.
Of granting eight occult powers and nine type of treasures.

Verse 39[edit]

Rishi muni , yathi thapaswi ,yogi,
Ārath arthi chinthitha bhogi.

  • Translation

Whether it is a sage, Rishi , Yathi , one doing penance , One who is searching for wealth , one who is worried , one who enjoys,

Verse 40[edit]

Jo jo sharana thumhari aaven ,
So so mana vanchitha phala paaven.

  • Translation

Whosoever are coming in submission to you, Would realize all the desires of their heart.

Verse 41[edit]

Bala budhi vidhyaa sheela swabhavu,

Dhana vaibhava yasa theja uchavu.

  • Translation

Strength, wisdom , education , good character ,
Wealth and great fame will all increase further.

Verse 42[edit]

Sakala bhaden upajay such nana ,
Jo yah paat karai dharee dhyana.

  • Translation

All problems and various worries,
Would vanish once this is read with care .

Verse 43[edit]

Yah chalisa bhakthi yuth path kare jo koi ,
Taa par kripaa prashanthaa gayatri ki hoi.

  • Translation

On him who reads these forty verses with devotion ,
Gayatri would shower her grace and would become happy.