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Eka Dantha stotram

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

There are several stories about how Lord Ganapathi lost one of his tusks. One of them says that he broke one of his tusks and used it to kill Gajamukhasura. Another says that when Veda Vyasa requested him to write Mahabaratha, he broke one of his tusks and used it as a pen to write the story on rock. Yet another one says, that once he had to fight with Lord Parasurama and he lost it during the war.

Madhasuram sushantham vai,
Drushtwa Vishnu mukha suraa,
Bruguvadayascha munaya,
Ekadantham samayaya., 1

Vishnu and other Gods,
And Brugu and other saints,
Seeing the peaceful Madhasura,
Approached Eka Dantha.

Pranamya tham prapoojayadhou,
Punastham nemuradharath,
Thushtuvur harsha samyuktha,
Eka dantham Ganeshwaram., 2

They first worshipped,
That Ekadantha who is the leader of all Ganas,
Then saluted him
And with happiness sang his praise.

Sadathma roopam Sakaladhibhootha,
Mamayinam soham achinthya bodham,
Aanadhi vidhyantha viheenam ekam,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 3

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who has the form of the soul,
Who was born before all beings,
Who is beyond all words, thoughts and perception,
And who does not have either beginning, middle or end.

Ananta chidroopamayam Ganesam,
Hya bhedha Bhedhadhi viheenamaadhyam,
Hrudhi prakasasya dhuram Sudheestham,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 4

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who is Ganesa with an endless holy form,
Who is beyond similarities and differences,
Who is the first among all beings,
And who shines at the end of the soul.

Viswadhibhootham hrudhi yoginaam vai,
Prathyaksha roopena vibhantha mekam,
Sada niralamba Samadhi gamyam,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 5

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who shines in the minds of Yogis,
As the eternal primeval truth,
Who is not dependent on anything at any time,
And who can be attained only through meditation.

Swa bimba bhavena vilasa yuktham,
Bindu swaroopaa rachitha swamaya,
Tasyam swaveeryam pradahadhathi yo vai,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 6

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who creates playfully his shadow,
Into a Bindu(dot) through illusion,
And gives it the root of his power.

Twadeeya veeryena samartha bhootha,
Maya thaya sancharitham cha viswam,
Nadathmakam hya athma thaya praneetham,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 7

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who is the soul of the sound,
Who is known through the knowledge of the soul,
And who through his innate power makes,
The illusion capable of creating the world.

Twadeeya satha dhara meka dantham,
Ganesamekam traya bodhi tharam,
Sevanthamaapusthamajam trisamstham,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 8

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Who carries his truth within him,
Who is the only one with a single tusk,
Who has the state of three perceptions,
Who is one and only one Ganesa,
Who is fit to be worshipped,
Who is without birth,
And to whom creation, upkeep and destruction bows down.

Thath swaya preritha evanadha,
Sthenedhamevam rachitham jagadwai,
Ananda roopam sama bhava samstha,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 9

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because from him the sound originated,
And from that this world was created,
And also since he is the personification of joy,
And he is the one who does not take sides.

Thadeva viswam krupaya thadaiva,
Sambhootha maadhyam thamasa vibhatham,
Anekaroopam hyajameka bootham,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 10

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because this world which took shape by his grace,
Was filled with darkness in the beginning,
And also because he was capable of taking many shapes,
And was complete within himself every day.

Thathasthwaya prerithamevathena,
Srushtam susookshmam jagadheka samstham,
Sathwathmakam swethamananthamadhyam,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 11

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because of his will the sound originated again,
And the micro world took its shape,
And also because he is the shape of the truth,
And he is white and without beginning and end.

Thadeva swapnam thamsa Ganesa,
Samsidhi roopam vividham bhabhoova,
Sadhekaroopam krupaa thavaapi,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 12

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because from that darkness which was ignorance,
The varied and different parts of the world took shape,
And also because he has a single form,
And is stable in his mercy.

Evam cha srushtwa prakuthi svabhava,
Thadhanthare twam cha vibhasi nithyam,
Budhi pradatha gana natha eka,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 13

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because he perennially lives in that world,
Which was thus created by the conduct of nature,
And because he is the giver of intelligence,
And chief of the army of Lord Shiva.

Thwadagnaya bhahi gruhascha sarve.
Nakshatra roopani Vibhanthi khe vai,
Aadhara heenani thwaya dhruthani,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 14

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it is as per his order,
That the stars and planets shine in the sky,
And he gives them, who appear as if without support,
The necessary support by wearing them.

Thwadagnaya srushtikaro Vidatha,
Thwadagnaya palaka eva Vishnu,
Thwadagnaya samharadhaka haropi,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 15

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it is as per his order that Brahma creates,
Lord Vishnu looks after those created,
And Lord Shiva destroys them at he final deluge.

Yadagnaya bhoor jala Madhya samstha,
Yadagnaya apat pravahnathi nadhya,
Seemam sada rakshathi vai samudhra,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 16

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it was due to his orders,
That the earth is in the middle of ocean
Water flows as rivers.
And the ocean does not cross its own shores.

Yadagnaya deva gano divistho,
Dadathi vai karma phalani nithyam,
Yadagnaya shaila gano achalo vai,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 17

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it was due too his order devas live in heaven,
And give the rewards for duties performed daily in the earth,
And the mountain ranges stand stable

Yadagnaya sesha iladharo vai,
Yadagnaya mohakarascha kama,
Yadagnaya Kaaladharo aaramya cha,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 18

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it was due to his order,
That Adhi sesha carries the earth,
The god of love creates the desire to join in sexes,
And the Lord Sun controls the passing of time.

Yadagnaya vaathi vibhathi vayu,
Yadagnaya agnir jataradhi samshta,
Yadagnaya vai sacharacharam cha,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 19

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it was due to his order,
That the wind blows,
The fire lives in the belly of beings,
And the movable and immovable exist.

Sarvanthare samsthitha meka gudam,
Yadagnaya sarvamidham vibhathi,
Anantha roopam hrudhi bhodakam vai,
Thamekadantham saranam vrajama., 20

We seek protection of that Ekadantha,
Because it was due to his order,
That the world we see exists and shines,
And he shines in the heart of beings,
And exists in his limitless majesty.

Eva mukthwa cha the deva,
Munayascha samuchakai,
Thooshneem bhavam prabadyava,
Na nruthur harsha samyutha., 21

Thus praying him,
The devas and sages,
Were silent for some time,
And then danced with ecstasy.

Sathanuvacha santhushato,
Hyeka danthena sthavena vai,
Jagaadahan maha bhaagan,
Devrusheen bhaktha vatsala., 22

Being pleased with these songs of praise,
Lord Ekadantha who is partial to his devotees,
Told those great devas and sages as follows.

Prasannosmi cha stotrena,
Sura sarshi gana kila,
Vrunutha varadhoham vo,
Dasyami manaseepsidham., 23

“Hey sages and devas,
I am pleased with your song of praise,
Please ask me what you want,
And I who am the boon giver,
Would fulfill your wishes.”

Bhavath krutham madheeyam vai,
Stotram preethi pradham mama,
Bhavishyathi na sandheha,
Sarva sidhi pradhayakam., 24

“There is no doubt,
That this song of praise,
Which is about me,
And which is dear to me,
Would grant you all powers.”

Yam yam ichitham tham vai,
Dasyami stotra paatatha,
Puthra pouthradhikam sarvam,
Labhathe dana danyakam., 25

“Through this song of praise,
I would grant the devotees,
Whatever they wish,
And bless them with sons,
Grand sons, wealth and grain.”

Phala sruthi

Nithyam ya patathe stotram,
Brahma bhootha sa vai nama,
Tasya darsanatha sarve,
Devaa, pootha bhavanthi vai., 26

The one who recites this song daily,
Would become at the end, the Brahmam,
And all devas would get purified,
On seeing him once.

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